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Why You Should Be Dating Multiple People Online

Online dating is a very different way to date but many people try to approach it exactly the same as traditional dating. A part of the “traditional” approach that many people follow is that they only want to be communicating or dating a single person at a time. This approach is detrimental to online dating for several reasons which I will cover here.

Dating tips for men

The first reason is because by dating many people you will gain experience dating online and should begin to become more comfortable with the process. This can help your dates improve over time and you begin to understand what to expect learn more about what you are really looking for. For many of us, what we believe we are looking for in a mate when we begin dating online is far different than what we believe we are looking for after we have went on a dozen or so dates.

The Process Can Take A Long Time
The first reason that dating multiple people at once is beneficial is that the time it takes from when you write your first email to when you have your first date can take a long time. Many people are reluctant to meet very quickly and would rather get-to-know each other through email and phone calls. The problem here is that you will learn far more in the first few minutes of a date than in a month of email and phone calls. You don’t want insist on communicating with one person only to find out a month later that there is no chemistry. By dating multiple people you can stagger your dates and the fact that some people want to wait will not hurt your overall dating experience.

You Are Not “Betraying” Anyone
Many people resist this type of dating, even after admitting its benefits, because they feel like they are either lying or being a “player”. This is not the case: both you and your dates are using online dating to find that special someone. The fact that you are meeting other people is something your dates should accept…and it is something you should accept from your dates as well.

Online Dating Becomes Less Frustrating
One of the biggest problems with insisting on dating one person at a time is when you run into a bad date. You may have put weeks into meeting this person only to discover that they lied to you or that there is no chemistry. This results in a sense of hopelessness and the pain of having to start over from the beginning with someone new. When you are dating many people at once, one bad date doesn’t mean you have to start over – you just wait for your next date to come around and hope that it goes better. Dating a single person at a time is one thing that contributes to some people giving up on online dating because they can’t bring themselves to go through another period of excitement only to be let down after the long wait.


Dating Starts on How You Will Get to Have a Date

First and foremost, if you like someone you may have to ask for a date sooner or later. This has been the common practice for both men and women. It’s a way for individuals to know each other. Let this be a guide for you on how you get to have a date.

1. Attraction is not always the reason why dates occurred; sometimes companionship and enjoyment are also one of these reasons. First is to know the reasons behind why asking for a date and what will be the expected answer to your invitation.

2. The answer will not be always be a “yes”, sometimes you do get the occasional “no”, so best prepare your self to accept such answer and do not take it to personal. Maybe there are other reasons for the declination.

3. Timing is also a critical part when asking for a date. Choose the perfect moment and best prepare yourself in advance what you might say.

4. When she agrees on the date, be sure you already have a plan. Thinking ahead is not a good idea; settle the place, date and the time for the date to take place. Also be sure that both of you will be free on that said schedule.

5. There will be questions thrown back at you on why you are asking for a date. It’s best to prepare yourself for these questions, immediately you must know how to flatter and create that sense of trust. A safe answer will be a good one saying “Well I really like to have a dinner with you, your fun to be with”.

6. Most date invitations fail because the other side is felt pressurized by the invitation. Give them time to think about it and remember not to constantly remind them of the said date. Better to remind them a day before / day the date shall happen.

7. When on a date always remember to smile. Be always on a happy mode. Keep things fun and enjoyable for the both of you.

8. Not all the time your date plan will go smoothly. So better reserve a back plan if ever the first plan didn’t work. Always think of the schedule of the other one. Give them a choice so they can fit on their own timeframe.

9. When the person declines the invitation, learn to move on. Don’t ever ask for a reason, to avoid the person from being irritated by you.

10. The first thing you shall not do when you are going to a date is to cancel on the last minute or the even worse is not to show up. Is not polite stand up a date..this is a big no, no. If you ever thought not to show up place say no to the date politely do not make the person wait for you for a long time. Or you wish to cancel the date just inform him earlier and let him know why did you need to cancel the date.

11. When ask for a date, don’t give a false answer. It is not right for you to play games, nor disrespect the other one. If you want time to consider on making the decision, go ask then you will given the time. If you want to decline, just say so. Cause you will never like it to happen you if the situation is reverse.


Dating – First Date Do’s and Don’ts

We all have been there, the first date. You look forward to it all day long, getting more and more nervous as the time draws near. Thoughts race through your mind like, “What if they don’t like me?” “Are we going to have anything in common?” What should I talk about?” “Should I pay for out meal?” We have all thought the same things and dealt with the sweaty palms and racing hearts.

The most common advice people give when it comes to first date advice is “just be yourself and you will be fine”. Well that is good advice, but for a first date you need to “step it up a notch”. Be yourself and then some. The first date is your chance to really “sell” yourself. Convince your date that you are worth a second date. But don’t over do it either.

When first meeting your date; try to remain calm and cool. If you are nervous and jittery chances are you will say or do something that will embarrass you or your date. It is OK to greet your date with a hug but avoid the urge to kiss them, remember this is just the start of your first date. If you are lucky you will get a kiss at the end of the date. It is a good idea to have your date planned out ahead of time, know when you’re going and where. You don’t want to be standing around saying, “well now what?”

If you are going out to eat make reservations ahead of time, it shows that you took the time to actually plan the date. This isn’t necessary if you are having a very casual date, but I recommend having a more formal date for your first one. When I say formal I mean, a nice dinner, not fast food from the local greasy spoon. When at dinner it is very important to make conversation, after all communication is the key in any relationship. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, ask your date questions about them. Asking questions will tell your date that you are interested in learning more about them. Avoid questions that are too personal, if you think that a question is maybe too personal chances are that it is, best to avoid it. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t talk too much; let your date also talk. If you talk too much your date will think you only care about what you have to say.

Use your manners! Having good table manners is very important. You don’t want your date to think that you are a slob or a messy eater. Arms off the table and chew with your mouth closed. What I’m getting at here is basically be at your very best behavior. Also be polite to the wait staff. Being rude or obnoxious will be a second date killer. When it comes time to pay the bill, Guys, step up to the plate here, unless you agreed before hand that you were going to split the bill. Also guys, never, ever, let your date pay the entire tab! Everything you do on your first date will be a reflection of how you are in the future, at least to your date, remember that.

When the date is coming to an end, be sure that you let your date know how much you enjoyed their company (even if you didn’t, be polite). Do not ask for a second date outright. Exchange your phone numbers. Guys, chances are the girl will not call you first; they will be waiting for you to call them. Don’t make them wait days either. Call them the next day to thank them again for the date and to reassure them of the good time you had with them. This is a good time to let them know that you are interested in seeing them again. If they want to have a second date, now will be the time to set up a time and date.

As you have more and more dates with the same person, you can become less and less formal, to the point of both parties being themselves and comfortable. Just remember that the first date is your sales pitch for the second date. If you can “sell” yourself you will be on your way to a relationship in no time. Have fun and remember guys, be polite!


Free Online Group and Singles Dating Services

In 2010, it is estimated that one in five singles have gone on a date with someone they met on an online dating site and one in five singles are in a committed relationship with someone they met on an online dating site. With this kind of success for singles looking for love, more and more singles are turning to online dating sites to find their perfect match. With the number of internet users growing by the day and more singles using dating sites as a means to meet other singles, dating sites will continue to rise in popularity for some time.

Group dating has gained much popularity lately. It is a modern trend for dating, where a group of single men and a group of single women organize some time together, with the hope of forming romantic relationships. Although the concept is most popular in Japan, it can be found in many other countries as well. People prefer group dating as a safe alternative to singles dating, as they feel more comfortable in the company of their friends or other acquaintances. Group dating allows both the parties to feel relaxed and thus, create a better impression on the potential partner. Also, unwanted physical advances are less likely to happen in a group, thereby making a person feel safer. Following are some potential benefits of group dating

We have all felt the pressure of being on those dates to be at our best behavior. You can be yourself like you are when you hang out with your friends. You can observe your romantic interest in a relatively more natural setting rather than them being behaving differently to impress you.

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Dating Tips For Men – Tired of Going on Bad Dates?

For anyone who is just beginning to try internet dating, the first few steps make make you feel fairly unsure of yourself. However, dating from the help of a website can be just as natural as any other date that you might experience on your own. Considering this, there are some tips you might want to think about in order to make yourself feel more confident about dating online. The following internet dating tips for men should be able to help you feel more at ease with your decision.

It is important to realize that your dates from the website are just as equal to any dates you’ve found in the past away from the internet. There is sometimes a stigma associated with internet dating because people think too much about the internet being a part of the date. There truly shouldn’t be a stigma related to internet dating at all, because it is a tool that can be used to help you find people you are more compatible with. Consider this and try to avoid feeling embarrassed.

It is important to be realistic about what you want from the website. There are some people that join these types of sites because they just want to meet some new people. Others might join because they want to make new friends. However, there are still a lot of people that join because they are looking for a committed or long term relationship. You should consider what you want out of the website, and also consider what the prospective people you are interested in are wanting from the website as well.

Remember that the first impression is always the most memorable impression. However, with the realm of internet dating, you have two first impressions to make. You have to make an initial first impression via the website, because this is the impression that leads to the date. Once you have gotten the date, you can make the accompanying first impression when you meet the individual in person for the first time.

You should also consider that internet dating is one of the reasons that many people find the person that is right for them. Sites such as these are able to help you find people that are more compatible with you based on your interests and other factors. Communication is important with any relationship, and the internet allows many people to communicate with each other more freely. If you ever feel that you are unsure of what to talk about with your date, you might want to think about talking about topics you know you are both interested in.

If you don’t feel that you are compatible with the person you went on your date with, you don’t have to continue to go on dates with them. You might want to consider other dates as well. You cannot expect that your first dates are going to be the right person immediately. You will likely have to go on numerous dates before you find the person that you are going to be the most compatible and happy with.

It is equally important to think about how your date approaches the topic of internet dating. They may be shy or have some feelings of embarrassment based on the fact that they are using a dating website also. If this is the case, it would be good for you to talk this over with them and help them to feel more confident and comfortable with their choice as well. It can make your date feel a lot more natural and fun.

The above dating tips for men should add to your confidence when you are staring out on the internet dating field. You might even discover that you feel more comfortable about dating with the use of the website. Ultimately, these tools are something you can use to help you find the right companion for your future.