Dating Guidelines – Elements of Successful Dating

Being prepared is one of the most important things to make successful dating. Taking a little time to plan for a date is not such a big deal. Plus, it gives you more confidence. As for getting ready for an hour or setting reservations for a table for two is great, showing up and forgetting stuff on your date is a big mistake and could end the date right then and there. Luckily, a checklist with the following things before leaving your house is sure to make a good impression.

Successful Dating Element #1: Wallet

Now, even if it is the 21st century and that gender roles between men and women have changed over the years, we all know that it is customary for the guy to pay. A purse, handbag, money, credit cards or a money clip, it is still a necessity to bring something to pay with. It may be the guy’s job to pay for the bill but it would not hurt for the girl to bring money with her, just in case.

Successful Dating Element #2: Mobile or Cellular phone

With technology so evident in our lives, bring your phone with you is a must. It not only acts as a security device for the ladies (you will never know when you need to call for help), it is important for the guys to keep constant contact with you date. This not only avoids confusion for the details of the date but also shows that you are still interested to push through with the date.

Successful Dating Element #3: Directions

No one likes a late date, not even the guys. If the guy is not picking you up, you can always opt to decide to meet up where the date will be. When discussing about the details of the date, make sure you have the directions of the place. Getting lost on your way is a time-consumer and wastes the time of both you and your date.

Successful Dating Element #4: Conversation

A key to a good date is conversation. A dull date would have nothing to say and would just be silent the rest of the night. Nobody wants awkward moments like those. Asking questions to each other is a great way to start conversations, kill dead air and lets you get to know each other a little more.

Successful Dating Element #5: Condoms

Yeah, that is right. Condoms. This is both for girls and guys. Even if some girls do not believe in sleeping on the first date, you can never tell. All of us have urges and, sometimes, we cannot control them. That is all right, you are human. You are not perfect. If you are going to, at least be safe!

Successful Dating Element #5: Humour and Personality

A big factor of the whole date even taking place is because the person finds you interesting. Say a joke, make them laugh, showing yourself is important, it makes the date enjoyable. Being bland and boring does not get you anywhere. A little afraid? Relax! Do not let you being scared ruin the date. It is all part of it. Also, bringing a bad mood to the date ruins it. It may lose the chance for a next one.


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