Dating Starts on How You Will Get to Have a Date

First and foremost, if you like someone you may have to ask for a date sooner or later. This has been the common practice for both men and women. It’s a way for individuals to know each other. Let this be a guide for you on how you get to have a date.

1. Attraction is not always the reason why dates occurred; sometimes companionship and enjoyment are also one of these reasons. First is to know the reasons behind why asking for a date and what will be the expected answer to your invitation.

2. The answer will not be always be a “yes”, sometimes you do get the occasional “no”, so best prepare your self to accept such answer and do not take it to personal. Maybe there are other reasons for the declination.

3. Timing is also a critical part when asking for a date. Choose the perfect moment and best prepare yourself in advance what you might say.

4. When she agrees on the date, be sure you already have a plan. Thinking ahead is not a good idea; settle the place, date and the time for the date to take place. Also be sure that both of you will be free on that said schedule.

5. There will be questions thrown back at you on why you are asking for a date. It’s best to prepare yourself for these questions, immediately you must know how to flatter and create that sense of trust. A safe answer will be a good one saying “Well I really like to have a dinner with you, your fun to be with”.

6. Most date invitations fail because the other side is felt pressurized by the invitation. Give them time to think about it and remember not to constantly remind them of the said date. Better to remind them a day before / day the date shall happen.

7. When on a date always remember to smile. Be always on a happy mode. Keep things fun and enjoyable for the both of you.

8. Not all the time your date plan will go smoothly. So better reserve a back plan if ever the first plan didn’t work. Always think of the schedule of the other one. Give them a choice so they can fit on their own timeframe.

9. When the person declines the invitation, learn to move on. Don’t ever ask for a reason, to avoid the person from being irritated by you.

10. The first thing you shall not do when you are going to a date is to cancel on the last minute or the even worse is not to show up. Is not polite stand up a date..this is a big no, no. If you ever thought not to show up place say no to the date politely do not make the person wait for you for a long time. Or you wish to cancel the date just inform him earlier and let him know why did you need to cancel the date.

11. When ask for a date, don’t give a false answer. It is not right for you to play games, nor disrespect the other one. If you want time to consider on making the decision, go ask then you will given the time. If you want to decline, just say so. Cause you will never like it to happen you if the situation is reverse.


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